Timeline For Alcohol Withdrawal

Any medical expert or healthcare provider will tell you that there is really no surefire method to tell just how short or how long the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol will last. It’s not something that you can predict with clockwork regularity because it hinges on a variety of factors.

Two of the most dominant factors that will determine the duration of the dependency are the length of time the person had been a habitual alcoholic and how much he consumes on a daily basis. But these are not the only ones, though.

The way one’s body reacts to alcohol and to the subsequent withdrawal symptoms also matter a great deal and it’s different from one individual to another. Thus, others may get to experience only mild to moderate bouts of alcohol withdrawal symptoms while others would be unlucky enough to go through the more severe ones.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms timeline cannot be controlled and there’s no telling just how fast or how slow the recovery will be. It depends much as well on the individual’s willpower to really get rid of that habit. The symptoms can manifest themselves as early as an hour or two after the person has quit drinking and can go on for weeks and months, sometimes even years.

For sure, though, drinkers who have longer periods of dependency will really experience more serious withdrawal symptoms and they would really need intensive treatment physically and psychologically. It is strongly advised that the moment the initial withdrawal symptoms of alcohol manifest themselves, the individual should seek medical assistance immediately.

Undergoing treatment and subsequent rehabilitation at the earliest possible time will greatly help in making the road to full recovery less burdensome and shorter at that. Alcohol detoxification is one of the more popular methods employed although this is not the end all and be all of the entire rehabilitation process.

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