Tips for Dealing with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild cognitive impairment is an indicator associated with severe memory problems. Even though it is not considered to be as serious as dementia, it is still something that nobody would want to have. This condition affects both the memory and the vocabulary. Being absentminded or forgetting things every now and then is believed to be caused by vascular problems or in some cases by depression.

Among the most common symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, there have been reported the hypertension, diabetes, issues in performing cognitive tasks, pessimism and anxiety. Other patients also experienced problems with distinguishing odors, heart problems, high levels of blood sugar or uric acid within the blood. If you are guessing that you might be suffering by cognitive impairment, you might want to start yourself on following a new and healthier diet, getting enough quality sleep, doing regular exercise, but also meditating. Specialists say that playing brain training games are great for both preventing and ameliorating the MCIs effects. Also try working out some mnemonic tricks such as acrostics, acronyms, lyrics and rhymes.

The brain training techniques above will be a huge aid in the process of building a better memory system. They will also help you create a new and healthier lifestyle for your body and mind, keeping you away from other types of allergies and illnesses. If you are still concerned about this condition getting worse, try to be patient and improve the entire organization around you. Set alarms, organize your things in well-structured storage spaces, use safe deposit banks for important documents and valuables. Do your best to develop concentration. You can even try taking supplements and vitamins, but do not forget about the simple things such as using green light or red colored stuff. Last but not least, make sure you keep a healthy and optimistic perspective and have some sense of humor about your forgetfulness.

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