Treatment For Dry Skin Around Your Eyes

Facial skin can be effected by many outside factors such as sun, weather or even smog. The area around your eyes can eyes can be effected most as there is less fat an oil under the skin in those areas. The best thing to do would be to cut back on the causes above but if a job or living environment makes that tough to do you can try treating the dryness with either an over the counter cream or a good old fashion home remedy.

Two popular over the counter treatments that most often come to mind are Hydrolyze under eye treatment which cost around $70 and Loreal Skin Genesis Daily Eye Serum which only cost around $8. While both products claim to make dry skin around eyes smoother and dark circles less noticeable only one stands up to product reviews. As it turns out the old saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true because the much cheaper Loreal wins out in reviews across many websites. In fact there are quite a few websites that claim Hydrolyze is nothing but a scam and marketing. At $80 a pop its not really worth testing that theory out.

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If you want to save even more money there are a couple of home remedies for dry skin that might do the trick as well. The first remedy is to use a couple of brewed teabags. Methods vary from using warm chamomile tea bags which contain anti inflammatory properties to using any variety chilled a bit in the fridge for a refreshing sensation. Others even recommend adding crushed tea leaves to heavy face cream to create a spa like facial. If you are fresh out of tea bags try rubbing oil such as almond or castor in smooth circles around your eyes. The oil absorbs quickly into your skin replacing the lost oil and moisturizing the skin.

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