Urinary Incontinence Products

There are so many ways to deal with urinary incontinence and each has there own benefits and drawbacks. No matter what method a person chooses the options for controlling bladder control problems are more effective than ever thanks to advances in absorbent materials and better designed systems for keeping a person dry.

A condom catheter is a great choice for many men because it is convenient and can be used on the go. These slip-on devices attach to a collection bag that can be worn inconspicuously on the leg or attached to a wheelchair or other mobile device. These external catheters are a comfortable choice.

Adult diapers have come a long way and are one of the easiest ways to deal with incontinence. Thinner and more absorbent than in the past, these briefs are easy to use for anyone either male or female. They are affordable and easy to purchase and many people like the toss and go approach of an incontinence diaper.

Incontinence bed pads are wonderful for getting a restful sleep and some peace of mind. No one wants to wake up wet and these pads wick moisture away and lock it in place. These pads protect bedding, too, and mean less soiled sheets and mattresses.

Indwelling catheters are among the least popular, but sometimes they are the only option for those that are bedridden or others that have suffered spinal injuries or other serious accidents. These catheters are highly effective at collecting urine, but may lead to complications.

All of these are commonly used and sometimes people switch from one type to the other depending upon their current state of health or based on activity. All are worth investigating and talking over with a urologist or primary care physician. Stay comfortable and dry and don’t suffer from the shame of incontinence any longer!

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