Using Food to Avoid Pregnancy Fatigue

Rarely do pregnant women feel energetic. It is more common to see a pregnant woman searching for a place to rest her swollen feet or take a little nap in the middle of the day. While nothing will cure this fatigue as completely as giving birth to the child, good nutrition will go a long way.

When a woman is pregnant, her body has to work twice as hard. The amount of blood that has to be pumped through the heart increases and the kidneys have to filter twice as many toxins. If the mother does not eat well, the baby is also extracting vital nutrients from the mothers own body. An increased metabolism might sound good to a dieter but it only makes a worn out mother more strained.

One thing to consider is how much she eats during one meal. Yes she is eating for two, but the little bun in the oven only requires 300 calories per day. She might wonder what to eat when pregnant. Instead of having her three square meals every day, she should have six small meals a day and three of those should be just a glorified snack. By eating more frequent but smaller meals she helps keep her blood sugar regulated which in turn helps her avoid sugar crashes and the dreaded pregnancy fatigue.

She should avoid sugar bombs disguised as candy bars and soda. There is no reason to put these ‘foods’ into the body in the first place and especially not when growing a new baby inside her body. Gradually replace those non-foods with healthy, vitamin-packed and fiber-filled foods and before long any mom-to-be will feel better equipped to make it through the day without having to drag herself through it.

Of course, pregnant women should rest whenever they can. While sleep may not be considered a nutrient, it is essential to good overall health, and it will become rare after the baby is born.

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