Using the York C301 Cycle as an Effective Training Aid

The York C301 Cycle is one of the most advanced exercise bikes on the market if you are working to an affordable budget.  This really is the standard bearer to which all exercise bikes should aspire to and I use my York C301 Cycle every single day as part of my training program.  Currently I am planning on running the New York marathon in 2012 and know that as well as street running, I also need to build up my endurance levels so I can record a decent time this year.   By using the York C301 Cycle at home I have already started to see improvements in stamina, endurance, and the amount of calories I am burning off every day.

I have that the best approach to using the York C301 Cycle is as a spinning bike, and there are many different interval training workouts that you can try out – and I’ve found these to be the best for me when preparing for a long run.  The last marathon I did, I wasn’t very well prepared and had been using an old York C102 Cycle that I had borrowed from a friend.  It was using the York C102 Cycle that convinced me I was going to buy my own York C301 Cycle because of the training data that can be harnessed.

Just like how I use my Garmin Forerunner sports watch when running outside, I can measure calories and distance when I am cycling inside with this exercise bike – so I can get a real good feel for how many miles I am doing each day when combining my running and indoor cycling data together.

The York C301 Cycle is fantastic for lower body strength and of all the home exercise equipment I have used in my running career, it is without doubt the best in terms of the cardio vascular workout.  The best bit for me as a data geek is the small LCD display screen that it comes with.  I can connect the bike up to a heart rate monitor and really push myself hard over the last few miles.

I am very confident that come the New York marathon next year I am going to smash my previous personal best and I put a lot of that down to the York C301 Cycle.  If you are serious about your training and want to really strive for excellence that I cannot think of a  better exercise bike than this.

The boys in the team at York Fitness have really done themselves proud with this model and I can say that this exercise bike is going to be winning awards all year.  I hope my York C301 Cycle exercise bike review has helped you make a choice this year – make sure you get one and I will see you in New York at the finishing line!

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