Veneer Teeth 101

Veneer Teeth Defined

Veneer teeth are otherwise called as porcelain veneers, dental porcelain laminates, or dental veneers. These are slim porcelain shells placed on the front of the teeth to have a better outward show. This kind of cosmetic dentistry is normally used for people whose teeth are slightly misaligned, chipped, or discolored.

Appearance of Veneer Teeth

Research shows that nowadays, most of the people choose this kind of cosmetic dentistry to have better results because it looks like a real and genuine one. This method of cosmetic dentistry copies the appearance of real teeth. They are covered by analogous thin layer of enamel. However, the interior portion of the tooth is not enamel, but a dentin. It allows light to infiltrate and reflect off the inner layers of the tooth creating a radiant appearance.

Consultation and Examination by the Dentist

After deciding to have this kind of cosmetic dentistry, it is essential to consult and talk about one’s particular situation, cosmetic goals and veneers cost with a dentist. After the consultation, the dentist will determine if the patient is a good applicant for veneers. The dentist will examine and evaluate the teeth and ask questions why the patient wants to have veneers. After the examination of the color of the natural teeth, the dentist will make sure that the color matched properly.

Scheduled Visit to a Dentist

The patient can have the veneers applied over a series of two office visits to a dentist, about a week or two apart. On the first visit, the shell of the tooth or teeth to have the veneer will be a bit reshaped. While on the next visit, the mimic tooth or teeth will be made with the impression of the natural tooth or teeth to be fitted to the patient. If everything fits well, the tooth or teeth’s surface will be cleaned and polished.

Caution Before Having Veneers

This kind of cosmetic dentistry should not be used if the gums or teeth of the patient are unhealthy because it may cause harm to them. To avoid this kind of predicament, consult and discuss first by the dentist in order to fix such.

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