Vitamin B12 Injections For Weight Loss – Working?

There’s a lot going on lately around vitamin b12 injections everywhere. These shots are the classic treatment of medical doctors for treating people experiencing vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms. There’s a lot of information going on lately on this subject, some of it completely wrong. I want to shed some nutritional light over this area, as it is my field of study and passion for years. This vitamin has a few VERY important roles in our body, such as Myelin creation (fatty substance that protects your nerve cells), DNA replication, red blood cells formation and Homocysteine levels optimizer. Vitamin b12 shots have some benefits as well as side effects and we will discuss it all right here.

Vitamin B12 shots side effects are possible, and we would like to avoid them if possible. These shots are usually given to people having difficulties absorbing this vitamin. This is usually caused by a lack of a protein in the stomach, called Intrinsic Factor. Also, make sure you check out your body for toxins destroying your B12 stores, or parasites eating it, as these are more than common to cause the above condition.

Vitamin B12 injections dosage is usually something around two to three thousand micro-grams a shot. Although, the amount depends on the clients’ age and mainly the level of deficiency. These shots are also used to treat people with different conditions, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

You are the one to decide whether vitamin b12 injections benefits outweigh their side effects: Mild diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, tingles, pain in the area of injection, and more.

Some people take vitamin b12 injections for weight loss reasons. This is something you should be aware NOT to do, as you can get the exact same benefits out of food sources, or other less-radical supplements. Vitamin B12 simply boosts up your metabolism, thus making you more likely to do some exercise and lose calories, and I believe you would prefer eating B12 instead of injecting it with painful shots.

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