Vitamin D Deficiency: Its Complications and Interventions

Vitamin D deficiency is a condition that is mild but can develop into a very serious one. If you come to think of it, the symptoms of low vitamin d alone can cause too much worry to the affected person. If proper intervention is not done immediately, it can lead to serious complications that can be very threatening to one’s health. Some of the possible complications include rickets, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis.

For rickets, the children are the ones mostly affected because of being vitamin D deficient for a long period of time. These children experience symptoms such as softening of the bones, weakening of the bones, and skeletal deformities. There are even some children who suffer from delayed mental development because of such condition.

For osteomalacia and osteoporosis, bones become very weak and deformed because of the deficiency. These conditions usually happen because of the fact that the calcium in the bones escapes so to compensate the insufficient level of calcium in the blood. When you talk about osteomalacia, it simply refers to the softening of the bones. On the other hand, osteoporosis refers to the weakening of the bones, which is commonly characterized by brittle bones.

Vitamin D Deficiency Interventions

Knowing how much vitamin d to take is the very first thing one should know. Normally, the recommended dietary intake of vitamin D ranges from 600 IU to 800 IU. However, you should bear in mind that the interventions would vary depending on the depth of the deficiency.

Usually, people with vitamin D deficiency take in vitamin D supplements only up to 4 months. However, you should not immediately result to taking in supplements. It would be best if you consult with your doctor so that proper interventions or medications can be given. In addition to that, you can start to correct the deficiency by exposing under the heat of the sun between 6AM and 9AM for 15 to 30 minutes. In that manner, the production of vitamin D in the body will also be stimulated.

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