Weight Loss From Supplements? 4 Popular Dietary Supplements Examined

There are quite a few natural supplements for weight loss, many of which come with inflated claims by their manufacturers. The only way to really lose substantial weight is to eat less calories and increase the activity in your life, but are there any supplements that can help you in your dieting plan? There are a few that are promising, and a few that are unknown. Some of the recent popular ones include apple cider vinegar, green tea, and hoodia.

One promising supplement is apple cider vinegar. Weight loss from this supplement has been proven in scientific studies. In a study performed an obese people in Japan, those taking 30 mg per day of cider vinegar resulted in a greater amount of lost weight and also an improvement in triglycerides (chemicals that can lead to hardening of the arteries) than those in the control group. The effect might not be huge, but this vinegar is probably fairly safe to take. It should be diluted and possibly sweetened before taking it, as it can burn the throat. Also, those with weak bones or diabetes should inform their doctor before taking it long term, as it can affect both those conditions.

Another good natural supplement that may help contribute to weight loss is green tea. Green tea increases the metabolism by around 5%, and without increasing heart rate or blood pressure, some of the problems with earlier stimulants such as ephedra. For direct weight loss, tea may not have a strongly noticeable effect by itself, but it does help and is relatively safe to take. There is no evidence that green tea is harmful as a dietary additive. The is also strong evidence that it helps lower cholesterol.

And finally, a recent popular supplement called hoodia is an herb from South Africa that has long been known as an appetite suppressant. It was collected by the drug company Pfizer who attempted to extract the active ingredient from it, called P57. However, they have apparently not had much success. Supplement formulations of it may have undesirable byproducts, and there is some indication that they may not contain nearly enough P57 to be effective. There have not been any large scientific studies performed so far on hoodia to determine it’s safety or effectiveness. As a result, it is not recommended as a weight loss supplement at this time.

In addition to the above natural supplements, there are a few drugs that might help increase weight loss. One of the best diet pills is orlistat, an over-the-counter drug that stops the body from absorbing fat. In studies it has been shown that it can help increase weight loss by as much as 10% over those not using it, over the course of a year. Side effects include greasy poop, and in some rare cases there is evidence of liver damage, although it is not clear yet if orlistat is what’s responsible.

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