What Are The Benefits of TMJ Exercises?

The jaw is that part of the body that is attached to a bone in one’s head. This bone is known as the temporal bone and the attached joint is known as the temporomandibular joint. With this said, it is now clear why discomforts and pains associated to this joint is called the TMJ syndrome.

Research has shown that the slightest shift in the balance of the temporal bone, then there is problem. When the pulling of the muscles of the jaw is not even, then there is every possibility that the jaw could give way. When this happens, one may experience several discomforts which include but not limited to jaw lock, jaw clicking, incessant headaches, swollen jaws, aching ears and inflammations. Naturally, one would seek solution or remedy to this type of suffering. This is where the exercises for TMJ come in. The TMJ exercises are aimed at helping one alleviate the pains and distress one is going through. It soothes and relaxes the muscles and the more this happens, the more a sufferer gets relief from the pains.

One of the exercises for TMJ that one can conveniently engage in is first, taking a standing or erect sitting position, then, gradually one opens his or her mouth until the mouth is wide open, as wide as possible. Then gradually, he or she begins to close the mouth till the mouth is properly closed. The next step is the sideways opening of one’s mouth. First, the right side of the mouth is gradually opened until it is stretched to its limit. Then, gradually that side of the mouth is closed. The left side of the mouth is made to go through the same exercise. This exercise is advised to be carried out three times daily until one gets relieved from the pains.

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