What Are The Causes of Urticaria

Urticaria is a type of skin rash that is characterized by red bumps on our skin. Ironically, Urticaria can affect any part of our body and can cause irritation for several hours. In some cases, the condition can prevail for several weeks. Skin allergies are often cited as the common cause of this condition. Let us have a detailed look at the various causes of Urticaria.

Individuals who are allergic towards foods such as eggs, wheat, berries and shellfish can catch up with this ailment. Insect bites and certain infections can also make way for such skin rashes. As such, individuals can suffer from mild Urticaria or severe Urticaria.

Chronic Urticaria is a result of autoimmune diseases that may affect a person. The hives formed due to the chronic condition can last for more than a month. In some cases, adverse effects of certain medications can also result into chronic Urticaria. Medications such as aspirin, painkillers and other antibiotics can also cause problems by reacting adversely in our body. Not many people out there are aware of the fact that excessive sunlight exposure is also cited as one of the factors responsible for Urticaria.

Prolonged sitting as well as standing, or wearing extremely tight clothes can cause Urticaria in some cases. Although such instances are not very common, few individuals have reported of Urticaria due to these reasons. Areas such as feet and buttock are usually affected by skin rashes during such instances.

While there are many causes for Urticaria, the condition does not pose grave health risks. It can be treated effectively with the aid of home remedies as well as conventional medications. Like any other skin condition, it is advisable to resort to some sort of medication as early as possible to experience better, faster and effective results.

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