What are the Effects of Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Before we discuss the effects of nitric oxide supplements to both the environment and the human body, let us first know what nitric oxide is.

Nitric oxide (also called nitrogen monoxide), is a gaseous chemical that was first known to be an air pollutant.  It is produced by car engines during combustion and by power plants when they burn coals.  But aside from being a hazard to our environment, nitric oxide was also learned to be an important chemical that plays a role in the physiological and biochemical processes of mammals including humans.

Bodily Effects on Humans

As mentioned earlier, nitric oxide has a major role in the processes that mammalian bodies undergo.  It serves as a messenger of information through the cells in the different parts of the body.  Aside from that, nitric oxide supplements, like Anapolon 50 (a type of steroidal chemical to gain muscles), have the ability to speed up the development of muscles in our body.  These supplements are very popular among bodybuilders and athletes and those who are recovering from weight loss due to illness or injury.

Nitric oxide has many other effects on the human body, which include:

  • Hemodialysis, a process in which waste products in the body are excreted and blood flow is maintained in good condition.
  • Prevention of atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of arteries and blood vessels.
  • Prevention of erectile dysfunction in men because it ensures good blood flow (as mentioned in the first bullet point).
  • Increase endurance level so that one can do more workout, and in effect, increase the chances to gain more muscles.
  • Essential for the process of learning and thinking.

Environmental Effects

Large amounts of nitric oxide can contribute to the ozone layer depletion, global warming and climate change.  When converted to nitric acid, it can help form acid rain, which is not good for the plants (plant growth is hampered).  When mixed with other pollutants, it can cause respiratory diseases and can be toxic.

Nitric oxide has negative and positive effects to the body and the environment.  If you are trying to gain muscles by taking nitric oxide supplements, you better be sure you’re taking just enough to achieve your goal and not too much because it can be harmful to your health.

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