What is Pseudotumor Cerebri

Obesity is increasingly becoming a problem in the United States as well in other developed nations of the European nation and other upcoming nations. As a matter of fact, this problem has reached endemic proportions which calls for urgent measures to arrest the situation. Obesity as a disease affects almost all bodily organs that you can think of. It starts all the way from the head to the toes. This is why the concern is warranted as it does not only affect your overall physical appearance, but it also affects the functioning of some pretty vital bodily organs.

When you consider the head as a starting point, this condition brings about depression and low self esteem which can be categorized as psychosocial impacts. It also results in neurological problems like pseudotumor cerebri. This affects the brain while resembling a tumor but in actual case it is not. It is a reversible situation nonetheless.

Brain tumor symptoms are more often than not similar to the symptoms that are associated with other diseases. It is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor when you get to experiencing some of these symptoms. It should be a cause of alarm as they might even be indications of another less dangerous disease. Your best survival chances lie in early detection. One of the very first and common symptoms of brain tumor is headaches. Headaches associated with brain tumors are at their worst in the mornings and get better as the day progresses. They are extremely painful as they have been known to rouse a person from sleep. The affected person may then vomit after which he feels better.

These headaches also worsen with coughing, exercise or a change in the bodily position. They will not even respond to your usual painkillers and other headache remedies. Another symptom associated with a tumor is personality or mental changes. This may be manifest in speech, communication, concentration issues and short term memory. Brain tumor sufferers may also experience severe intellectual anomalies. This leads then to personality, temperament and behavior depending on the tumor’s location.

The most telling symptom yet of a brain tumor is a seizure. This is principally caused by electricity flow to the brain that has been interrupted. This leads to an individual experiencing unusual sensation, causing convulsions and even in some cases consciousness loss. You may also have speech problems, muscle spasms and tingling feelings. Other symptoms include mass effect and focal symptoms.

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