What Men’s Skin Care Products Can You Use For Getting a Closer Shave?

Getting the closest shave possible is one of the needs of the modern man.  In this World we live in, looking fresh, clean and having a good smooth skin is seen with good eyes, but unfortunately many men try to do this with the help of subpar products or simply with a bad shaving technique. If you want good results, then you must use the right tools for the job – there is no other way.

Here we will take a quick look at the different skin care products for men that will help you achieve the closest shave possible.

Skin Care Products For Men

Classic Shaving Razors

They are classic, simple to use and are considered to be the razors that bring the best results, and I have to agree with that! Here we are talking about straight edge razors and double edge safety razors.  Luckily these products have made a comeback and you can find them online or in local stores.

Pre-Shave Oil

This shaving product must be used as a first step in every shaving session.  Shaving oils are made using a blend of natural essential oils that will provide a thin layer of protection to your skin to avoid cuts and irritation, these combination of oils will also help lifting up the bear and softening the beard.

Shaving Creams/Soaps

If you are using aerosol canned foams to shave your beard, you’ll only get mediocre results.  A good shaving cream or soap will soften the beard, nurture the skin, provide extra protection and avoid irritation and razor bumps. If you have delicate skin, be sure to choose a shaving cream for sensitive skin type.

Shaving Cream Warmers

These are electric appliances that will put your shaving cream in the right temperature to open up the pores of your skin and lift up the beard. They are not as widely used as other products in the list, but they are one of the best products you can get to get a comfortable shave.

As you can see, there are different products that will help us achieve a great shave, and the best of all is that you can find them both online and offline.  Remember that using good products is only one part of the equation of the perfect shave.  The other part is proper shaving technique, and if you are using disposable razors, periodic blade replacement – I usually give my razor blades a maximum of 2 weeks of life.

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