What to Expect During Liposuction Recovery Phase

If you have some stubborn areas of fat that will not seem to disappear no matter how much diet and exercise you try, you might consider the plastic surgery procedure known as liposuction. If you have the money for it, liposuction is a great procedure because it offers a “magic bullet” solution for weight loss that will work for anyone. And many people do have enough money to afford, because cosmetic surgery prices have come down considerably for all plastic surgery procedures in recent years, including liposuction. Liposuction costs about $4000 on average, depending on how many areas you need to have treated.

However, some people are concerned with the liposuction recovery phase. If you have done your research about plastic surgery, then you know most procedures come with a heavy recovery period. Some plastic surgery procedures can even have a recovery that lasts more than six months! The other main alternative to liposuction for weight loss around the stomach area is called  a tummy tuck, and comes with a hefty recovery period of nearly a year before you are 100% fully recovered and the scars have faded.

The liposuction recovery, on the other hand, is much more mild. You will definitely need a little bit of time off from your job and experience some pain right after the surgery, but after two to three days, you can return to work and the pain will be almost all gone. Of course, if someone were to slap the area was that liposuctioned it would sting a lot, but most of the pain and soreness from just normal moving about will be gone within the first week. To get to the point where someone could slap it and it wouldn’t hurt (any more than it normally would at least) will take one to two months at the most.

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