What you Should Know About Pregnancy

Many couples make the decision to have a baby and are so happy and excited about this new venture that they don’t think about researching the process.  They end up not knowing what to expect and get surprised when certain issues pop up.  Pregnancy is a time to be enjoyed and if you know what to to expect it makes it easy to plan for.

Once you have made the decision to get pregnant, its time to start trying.  Some women don’t have to do too much planning and are able to get pregnant on their first month.  However for most women it takes a little more planning.  The biggest thing you will need to know is when you are ovulating.  This is easy to determine with an ovulation prediction kit which you can get any almost any drug store.  Once you know when you are ovulating then you should time your intercourse accordingly.  It is usually best to have sex once per day starting 5 days before you ovulate.  Once the ovulation begins you ca stop if you choose.  It doesn’t hurt anything to continue though.

Once you get through your first month then its time to take a pregnancy test.  Most women wonder how accurate these over the counter tests are.  Many claim to be more than 99% accurate when used as instructed. Another common question many women have is how can you get a false negative pregnancy test?  If the test is taken too early or if it is not used exactly as instructed it is possible to get a false negative.  If you take it too early the hormone levels in your urine may not be concentrated enough to produce the positive result.  It is also usually best to take the test when you first wake up.  Otherwise you urine can become more diluted throughout the day, thus reducing the hormone levels and potentially causing a false negative.

Once you become pregnant, there are also many things to look out for – especially in the first trimester such as fatigue, frequent urination, hot flashes, mood swings and so on.  One of the most common problems occurs later in your pregnancy but can be planned or right away.  The problem I am referring to is stretch marks.  Stretch marks occur when you experience a period of rapid growth, like when your tummy stretches to accommodate your growing baby, or when your breasts enlarge during pregnancy.  If you start using a product like Revitol stretch mark cream right away when you become pregnant, it will help to gradually make your skin more elastic and able to handle the stretching without causing any scarring.

With a little planning, you pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for you and your partner.  It is something that will change your life for the better forever and something to be cherished.

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