Who Are The Best Candidates for Lap Band Surgery

With more and more obese people out there trying to find a way to improve their health, lose the weight and possibly live a longer life, there are tons of new procedures that are coming onto the market. One such procedure is the lapband surgery that many people are going to find is an option for them. However, what most people are wondering is what they have to do in order to qualify to be able to have this surgery? As most doctors are not going to just let any person be able to do this surgery.

Qualifications For Lap Band Surgery

Diet & Exercise

Most doctors are going to first make sure that the person has tried diet and exercise to lose the weight that they want to lose. Why is this so important? Most doctors are not going to operate on someone who could lose the weight themselves without the surgery. It simply goes against their medical codes. However, there are situations in which they will forgo this requirement, and these types of situations usually involve a person who is facing death or lose weight in order to live.

High BMI

Another requirement is that the person must have a body mass index that is greater than forty. This is going not mean that the man is at least one hundred pounds overweight and a woman is around eighty pounds overweight. Those who fall slightly underneath this BMI is looked at on a case by case basis. And then the doctor must decide if that person is someone that would benefit from the surgery or not. This is not a surgery that is appropriate for those that are just a few pounds overweight, hence the BMI requirements that are put into place.

Medical History

With that being said, there are many people that are going to meet these requirements, yet are still unable to have this surgery performed on them. There are medical conditions that prevent doctors from considering some patients. These medical conditions include heart disease, lung disease, distorted esophagus or a distorted stomach. In most cases, when a person has one of these problems they are going to be refused. However, if the doctor can find reasonable cause for the surgery they may be allowed, such as the surgery is going to improve their chances of living and without it the person losses these chances.

Alternative Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

Overall, the person that is considering this surgery should at least try diet and exercise beforehand, especially if they want to prove that they are candidated for this. They will find that they may have to go through quite a few tests in order to determine whether they are a good candidate or not. But, in the end it is well worth it for most patients.

For those who may not qualify as a good candidate for Lap Band surgery you can always look into alternative weigth loss methods.  See this post for more on the HCG1234 1200 calorie diet plan.

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