Why Acne laser Treatment?

If you need an effective acne deep scar treatment then you should consider laser acne removal. Thanks to the modern technology, today it is much easier to get rid of those nasty acne scars.

Laser treatment for acne scars uses laser rays of high intensity to remove the upper layer of skin; this will expose the inner layer, which is smooth and clean. The process looks similar to the laser hair removal.

Removing acne scars with laser is very effective – it is also a kind of exfoliation, which cleans around 85% of acne. The beauty of this method is that it is almost painless. But you should expect that the skin renewal may last up to a month.

The two types of laser devices are used in this treatment: ablative and non-ablative. In the first category there are carbon dioxide and YAG laser types, and in the second one there is Nlite laser, which is the most used laser here.

Ablative Laser VS. Non-Ablative Laser

Ablative laser is considered to be a kind of modern technology while the non-ablative is still the main method to treat acne scars. The main benefit of ablative laser is the effective fractional resurfacing of the skin. The non-ablative lasers are good if you have mild acne, and they will take a number of sessions to finish the whole process of treatment. There can be redness after each session but it will fade away after three days.

For more serious cases the ablative laser beam is used, but due to its high intensity of laser pulse it can become the cause of epidermal burning, which in turn will lead to the increasing of the skin renewal time up to 5 or 6 weeks. Nevertheless, this laser acne treatment is very effective against ice pick acne, boxcar and deeper wrinkles. You can get a more pleasant treatment here by using a topical cream with the anesthetic effect.

You need to keep in mind that to fight the severe acne scars you will need a more aggressive treatment, which in turn will lead to a longer restoration period for your skin. Of course, the laser acne scar removal price is expected to be a bit high, but the results are really worth it.

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