Why Madonna Bought Vita Coco

Madonna and other Hollywood stars have invested $1.5 million on a Brazilian company that makes coconut water. No doubt Madonna, Demi Moore and others have plenty of spare cash to invest, but still the move has raised some eyebrows in America. When you look at the benefits of drinking coconut water it becomes clearer why Madonna and others are prepared to risk their money on such a product.

Vita Coco means ‘coconut life’. The Sanskrit word for the coconut palm translates as the ‘tree of life’ so it is an apt name. When you consider the health benefits of coconut water the name does not seem like hyperbole at all.

Coconut water is 99% fat free and low in carbohydrates and low in sugar. It is a clear liquid that comes from young coconuts. It is safe to drink from the husk because it is a sterile liquid. Coconut water is a much better isotonic beverage than any sports drink because it contains higher amounts of such vital electrolytes as potassium, chloride and magnesium. It also contains much lower amounts of sugar than any man made isotonic drink.

Another benefit of coconut water is that it contains lauric acid that is also found in mother’s milk. Lauric acid is antimicrobial, anti protozoal and anti fungal. Drinking coconut water provides the body protection against infection and viruses. People who drink coconut water every day rarely catch a cold.

Coconut water also carries nutrients and oxygen to the blood; it helps to clean the digestive tract and balances the ph of the body. Coconut water is also used as a remedy for urethral and kidney stones and as a way of controlling diabetes naturally.

Madonna must have done her homework about the health benefits of coconut water because there is no one drink that does as many good things for the body as coconut water. If you are serious about staying healthy than coconut water is a must for the grocery list. Yet again Madonna picks a winner; she is after all the material girl.

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