Why Organic Milk Lasts Longer than Regular Milk?

Whenever you buy milk at the grocery, what you usually look at is its expiry date. However, if you purchase organic milk, the expiration date would be the last thing that you would be worried about. Why is this so? It’s because organic milk lasts longer than regular milk. If you are used to milk just staying fresh for at least 3-7 days, you will be surprised with this milk because it would continue to taste good even if it has been there in your refrigerator for a month already.

What is the reason behind the extended shelf life of organic milk? The secret to this is the kind of process that it goes through while it is being produced. The Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance reveals that this milk needs to go to very far destinations just to be delivered because there are only a few who produce it which is why it is made to last a long period of time. Are you curious what process this is that makes it last longer? Actually, it’s called “ultra high temperature” pasteurization. While this milk is undergoing this process, it is usually being heated at 138 degrees Celsius for at least 4 seconds.

Since this milk is UHT treated, it means that the bacteria in it are killed. All bacteria are killed here, keep that in mind. What’s good about this is that, you don’t need to keep it the refrigerator just to keep it fresh. Even when it is just placed in a shelf, it stays in good condition until six months. However, if you try to taste this milk, you will find the taste to be a bit different. This is due to the process that it underwent. But I am sure that in time, you will get used to it. Just think of all the health benefits that you can get from it and you will soon come to love the product.

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