Why You Should Quit Smoking Even If You Have Been Smoking For Years

If you have been smoking for many years, you may ask yourself “why should I stop now?”. There are a number of reasons to stop smoking even if you have been doing it awhile. Yes, there are people who smoke almost their whole lives without the consequences normally associated with smoking, but these are rare individuals. For most people, the consequences of smoking catch up with them eventually.

Some Side Effects Of Smoking Are Irreversible

If you have been smoking for years you may already be suffering at least some noticeable ill effects of smoking. Some things can be reversed and some things cannot. Many of the ill effects from smoking can be reversed, and almost everything short of cancer and Burger’s disease can be halted simply by quitting.

If you suffer from COPD you cannot reverse the damage but you can prevent it from progressing. Long term smokers tend to get sick more often and for a longer period than nonsmokers, this trend can be reversed by quitting. Risk of heart disease, cancer, lung infections, and thrombosis can all be lowered to nonsmoking levels by quitting. Blood pressure can also be lowered and quitting may even cure impotence.

Immediate Health Benefits Of Stopping A Lifetime Of Smoking

Quitting will also provide you with many benefits. You will have more energy due to increased blood flow and oxygenation of cells. Full taste and smell sensation will return. Breathing will become easier and the lungs will work better. Health of teeth and gums should improve. Some of the benefits will occur within a short time after quitting and some will take many years, but after about 20 years it will be as if you never smoked in your life.

The body has an amazing ability to withstand and bounce back from years of abuse in a relatively short time if given the chance. If you have not suffered any ill effects from smoking, giving it up will not hurt you aside from any withdrawal symptoms you might have to temporarily deal with.

If you are suffering from the ill effects of tobacco use then quitting will definitely help you, even if the damage is irreversible you can prevent further damage in most cases and allow your body to use what you have to its fullest. Please note, if you use nicotine replacements or an inhaler of some kind to quit, some of the benefits of quitting will be postponed until you have weaned yourself off of the replacements.

So what is the best way to quit smoking? While there is no best way for everyone, there are some methods that have been shown to work better than others for a great majority of people trying to quit. You can find a detailed discussion of these methods at thefitmachine.com.

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