Yoga Mats for Kids

Yoga for kids is a relatively new idea. Kids do yoga naturally from the time they are young babies and it is only when they get older and stop using their bodies fully that they loose their natural ability to stay flexible and pliable. On top of this we are now faced with a time and era where everything happens indoors, kids don’t play outside anymore and obesity is at an all time high in America.

So with all these factors coming together we now see yoga for kids, Mommy and Me yoga classes as well as other innovative ways to motivate our kids like the Wii and other fun tricks. This may be less then ideal but if it works who is complaining.

If you are in the market for a mat for your kiddo you have lots of options. The first thing to understand is that a kids yoga mat is only slightly different then an adult yoga mat. It is a little bit shorter, a little bit lighter and usually a little brighter in cuter colors and patterns.

yoga mat for kids
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Choosing a mat for your child may be as simple as buying a plain adult one for them to use or looking for a cute color that they pick out themselves. There are pink yoga mats and yellow yoga mats for little girls and although these look adorable they are not easy to keep clean and show wear almost immediately. The good news is that it is easy to get your hands on a natural yoga mat cleaner to keep the dirt away, or you can choose an easier color to maintain.

Purple is a great color for girls and it will show way less wear then it’s pink counter part. If you are shopping for a boy it is pretty easy as blue, green and grey are the easiest to keep looking good, which is perfect for grubby little boy hands. The other choice is to go with a pattern. Many of these are very cute and suited to specific likes and preferences. Like bugs and outdoors, animals and dogs or even yoga pose diagrams. There is no shortage of originality.

Ultimately if you have a rug at home and your child is only doing yoga for fun it may not be necessary to get them a mat. The mat is best used if you attend a studio or public place where there are hard floor surfaces.

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