Your Step By Step Guide To Wearing Toric Lenses

Eye specialists define astigmatism as a condition that occurs when the cornea’s curvature becomes displaced thereby creating a distorted and unfocused image. Astigmatism accounts for more than 45 million of the entire American population and with this astounding number, optics technology has responded by creating contact lenses that are developed specifically to address and correct astigmatism. From purevision toric lenses to colored toric contacts, manufacturers have introduced new and improved toric designs to help astigmatics everywhere.

In wearing toric contacts, there are a number of steps that you need to remember. They do not differ at all from other contact lenses with just one exception, toric lenses needs to be oriented or fitted properly to prevent them from rotating. As contact lenses are made from very thin and pliant materials, they should be handled with deliberate care, here is a step by step guide on how you should put on your toric lenses.

Step 1: Never touch your proclear toric contacts with unclean hands to prevent contamination. Before putting them on, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your hands. Then, shake your contacts in their case to dislodge them and to prevent tearing them apart when you pull them out of their case.

Step 2: Carefully open each case one by one and then slowly lift each lens out. Upon removal, immediately rinse them with a contact solution.

Step 3: Using your index finger, position each toric contact on the eye and make sure that they are right side out, like half a ball.

Step 4: Properly orient your toric contacts and ensure that the heavier side is at the bottom of your eye.

Step 5: Carefully place the contacts on your eye’s surface then blink slowly to set your contact in place.

If you are wearing long term toric contacts, then regularly remove and sterilize them every night. Proper cleaning combined with these simple steps will guarentee a great experience with your toric contacts.

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