Zen Meditation As a Tool to Improve Health and Wellness

Meditation has great many benefits. Apart from its significance as a diligent practice for spiritual growth, today meditation is considered a great way to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Over the years meditation has evolved into many forms. Most of it came from eastern side of the globe.

Indian Yoga is practiced in form of body postures (Aasanas), and controlled breathing (Pranayama). Yoga is practiced routinely worldwide today. There are so many books available on this subject explaining the techniques and methods of Yoga. Yoga has many health benefits right from higher energy level , better metabolism, purifying lungs, blood and other internal organs, relieving physical pain to reducing stress , overcoming panic attacks, ability to concentrate and lots more.

Qigong (Chi gong) is modified form of Yoga. Qigong uses energy (Chi or Qi) as a basis to cure disease and heal body. Different rhythmic physical movements are designed to let the impure energy go out of the body and to manipulate and circulate pure energy in different parts of body. It originated in China as part of physical exercise practiced by Buddhist monks thousands of years ago. But it took a while for world to know Qigong and its real power to boost overall health. Even Chinese government banned Qigong for practicing by Chinese people due to its esoteric nature. But after 1970s world became aware of Qigong as an evolved and scientifically designed method to cure disease and maintain good health.

Zen meditation also derived its roots from Buddhism. But unlike Yoga and Qigong, Zen meditation is quite passive. In one of its practice called Zazen which is widely used Zen meditation for beginners, you just have to sit and doing nothing. It is said that “Sit and Grass grows by itself. Along with many spiritual undertones in every meditation developed in Zen, no one can deny serenity and peace of mind that comes as aftereffects.

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